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Why Affiliate Marketing With SS-CMMS?

  • Monthly Affiliate Commission Payouts
  • 10% Affiliate Commission on all Sales
  • Affiliate Dashboard with Click and , Register and Sales data
  • Professional and Good Looking banners and ads. Keep your site looking great!
  • SS-CMMS is the fastest growing CMMS system in the country today!
    By merely showing our banners/ads on your site you stand to earn hundreds of dollars!
  • The SS-CMMS Affiliate Program allows Publishers to create income from posting ads/banners on their websites.
    Our system detects and logs all users that come from your links and when these people subscribe you will receive a 10% commission on every sale.
    Affiliates can login to their own Affiliate Desktop to see live up to date information at any time, from anywhere.

    Affiliate commissions are paid for all verified and paid customer subscriptions on customer payment. No limits on payouts.
    Payouts are made through PayPal once a month (balance over $10.00). You must have a PayPal account (free).


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You can earn money simply by showing our banner advertisements on your website or blog. I never costs you anything, but can pay thousands.
SS-CMMS is growing fast. It is simply the best low priced CMMS system around. Get in on the ground floor and start your Affiliate Account today!

About SS-CMMS:
SS-CMMS has been around for 5 years now. Starting as a free CMMS system it has grown into a feature packed yet incredibly affordable CMMS.
Allowing users to track Maintenance Operations to include Work Orders, Planned Maintenance, Parts, Equipment, Budget, Schedule all with
Email notifications and more. At under $100 a year (currently only $48.00 a year) Maintenance Professionals over the globe are finding out
what an incredible value this is. Word is getting out and we're growing fast. Help us get the word out and earn money as an Affiliate Markerter.