SS-CMMS - How to Edit Work Orders

SS-CMMS Quick Start Guide - Closing Workorders

In the Open Workorders screen click the Description of the work order you wish to edit.

SS-CMMS Quick Start Guide - Editing Workorders

Work Orders can be Edited by Administrators, Dispatchers or Technicians.

  • Click the "Workorders" tab in the menu bar then click the "WO# - Discrepency" item for the WO you wish to edit.
  • You may Delete the Work Order by clicking "Delete Workorder" at the top of the "Edit Workorder" screen (Administrators Only).
  • You can change anything you like. You can make a Complete workorder Active again, Change parts, status, type, all fields are changeable.
  • Print Friendly Page Brings up a page with text only for a clean print of this work order.

You're Done!

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