V 6.01

      SS-CMMS - Release Notes

V 6.02 BETA

Start Date:


  • Added WO# to Configuration Sorting Order (Default WO sorting order).
  • If PM is assigned to "All", Notifications will now be emailed to ALL Users if Email Notify is set to "Yes".
  • Added sort by colums to Completed PM's listing.
  • Added sort by colums to PM's, Equipment, & Parts Listings.
  • In Equipment Search/View, added Action Item "WO's". This will show all WO's for this equipment.
  • Added Sort by Columns on Open WO's. Click the header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort.
  • Added the ability to choose different delimeters for Reporting .CSV files. Can choose , : ; | ,, :: ;; ||
  • Added the Asset, Serial, Model and Documentation to fields that are searched in Equipment Search/Edit.
  • Added Parts Price Display on WO Editing and Printing.
  • Improved Print Friendly WO Page.
  • Added Sort by WO and Priority to WO Reporting. Added WO# and Priority to output.
Known Issues:
Programmer Notes: