Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. Is there a separate price for multiple users?

No. One subscription per account only. All users on that account are free.

2. Is there a limit on Work Orders, PM's, Parts etc.?

No. There are no limits.

3. Can I import my current equipment data into SS-CMMS?

Yes, to a degree. You can import .CSV files (from Excel or export from app) into Equipment and Parts only.
You can however export all data to .CSV files. You can also make your own backups.

4. Does SS-CMMS send E-Mail notifications when new Work Orders come up?

Yes. SS-CMMS can also give you an Email address where you can send Emails to and Create WO's on SS-CMMS!

5. Can SS-CMMS Create Invoices?

Yes. You can print any Work Order as an Invoice

6. Why do you charge extra to store files?

File storage is expensive. We've toyed with the idea for quite a while but just didn't think the demand would be there to make it affordable.
Now we are trying a new system based on File Storage basically paying for itself. A wash for us, but necessary for many users.

7. Is there a scheduling or calendar for events etc?

We provide a Scheduler where you can schedule employees, schedule meetings or other calendar events, and a visibale calendar.
We also have a PM calendar that shows upcoming PM's.

8. Are there any "hidden" charges? Is SS-CMMS really ONLY $64.99 a Year?

There are absolutely no hidden charges or cost whatsoever. $64.99 gets you a Full Year of unlimited full featured CMMS.
There is an option that has an extra fee if you want to be able to store files or pictures on your account and link them to WOs, PMs, Parts, Equipment etc.
This option is not required and is for your convenience only.

9. What kind of stats does SS-CMMS show and how hard is it to work with?

Our Dashboard shows you Total WO's, WO's by type %, WO's by Priority, WO's by Equipment and Budget by pie chart directly on the display.
Click on any of these charts to drill down by individual Types, Priorities, or Equipment. Click Budget pie chart for budget details.
The Dashboard is also configurable and has 3 windows to show different types of WOs. Select anything you want to show here, PMs, Open WOs, Late WOs, etc.
You may show parts that are low on stock on the dashboard as well if you wish.

10. How can I turn off Low Part notification for certain parts I don't want to show up in the dash?

In your Parts Edit screen, simply set the "Notify At" number to a negative number such as -1. This will stop all low part notices for that part.

11. Can I test the File Manager/Cloud Storage without paying?

Yes. Send us a message when logged into your account from the Support page (Contact Us). If you are on a Free Trial we will give you the length of the free trial to use the file manager. If you are already subscribed, we will give you two weeks to test the file manager.
    Please note if you decide to not subscribe to the file manager your files will no longer be available.

12. Do I have to purchase the storage option? How much do I need?

No, you don't have to purchase the storage at all for normal CMMS operations. Still Unlimited! The Premium File Storage option is for Cloud Based storage of files, pictures etc. which you can store online and associate with Work Orders, PM's, Parts or just about anything.

13. Suddenly my browser will not show complete pages, menus etc. Can you help?

This does happen from time to time as Web Browsers often update and don't always update well. Here's some things to try...
        Log completely out of SS-CMMS.
        In your Browsers Options/Privacy clear your Cache and Delete Cookies (at least ones from Close Browser.
        Open Browser.
        Log into

14. What does "Use Beta" in the menu bar mean?

The Beta is our development version of the current SS-CMMS system. This is where we first apply fixes and new functionality to test and allow our users to test.
You may normally switch to the Beta version any time you wish. Do this if you are willing to test new items and provide feedback. It also gives you the first opportunity to try new fixes and features. There are times the Beta is closed however. At these times you will not be allowed in the Beta.

15. How do I start a Bar Code program?

All you need to start a bar code program is some bar code labels! You can make your own, but be warned - labels made on typical laser or ink jet printers DO NOT work well. You'll want to use a printer made to print bar codes. A much easier way to start is to purchase pre-printed barcodes. You can find these online, or order from office supply stores. You'll want Sequentially Numbered labels. Most label sellers will let you start at any number you wish. Once you get the labels, just start scanning them (Click Barcode Scanner under the Work Orders, Equipment or Parts tabs) and you'll quickly see how easy it is. There is a link on the Barcode Scanner page that will direct you to an Ebay store that is a good label value.

16. When I edit information it says changes saved but shows old information?

Recently we've seen issues with Google Chrome and sometimes other browsers that are always displaying cached pages instead of loading the new information. You can tell if you have this problem by manually refreshing the page (F5 or Refresh Button). If the new information comes up your browser is loading cached pages. This is entirely browser based. I had this problem myself with Chrome, and the only way I found to fix it is to use the extension Cache Killer. This extension forces Google Chrome to load pages every time. I use it for everything now.

17. Can I Batch Print several Work Orders/PM's at a time?

Yes. Go to Admin/Batch Actions in the Menu. Here you can select multiple Work Orders and PMs and have them print at once. Filter by User as well!

18. Can I load SS-CMMS on our company server and run locally?

No. SS-CMMS is online web based only.
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