SS-CMMS - Adding Users

To get to the Add Users pages, click "Users" under the "Config" tab

First screen you will get lists current users. You should see the account Email that you registered with.
Click "Edit" to change any current users information or "Delete" to delete that user.

SS-CMMS Quick Start Guide - Add User Screen

At the top of the page you'll see buttons "Add New User" and "Reassign User".
Reassign User is used when you have an employee leave or such and need to reassign all of his WO's to someone else.

To add a user click "Add New User".

SS-CMMS Quick Start Guide - Add User Screen

Fill in the information for the new user. Name, Email Address, and Permission Level are required.
You can select the users permissions by scrolling down the "Permission Level" selection menu.

User Levels

  • Admin - All rights. Only Admins can delete items from the database.
  • Tech - Can create workorders, edit workorders, close workorders, manage parts and manage equipment. Can create PM's. Techs cannot delete anything.
  • Dispatch - Can create workorders, edit workorders. No Delete or Close workorder abilities. No Part, Equipment or PM abilities.

Once setup, your users will be able to login using their Email address and Password.

Only Admins have access to the Users Screen and can change passwords/Email.

Next set up your configuration. Learn How Here