How to Set Up User Email to send SMS Text Messages

Yes, you CAN send Notifications of new Workorders and PM's to a Cell Phone, Notepad, Pager or other devices with SMS Text Messaging right from SS-CMMS! However, the way we have to do this from a web based application is not as clear-cut and easy as just inputting a phone number and sending. Web based applications such as SS-CMMS require you to send messages using Email which requires some additional information. These instructions will help you in Configuring your User Emails to accept input for their SMS Text Messaging uses.

First of all, you will need to know the Phone Number of the device you wish to send the Text Message to.
You will also need the Providers SMS Address to complete the address. The email address you will enter into SS-CMMS will be the Phone Number@Providers SMS Address.
This will look something like this when complete:

The above example is for a Phone Number of 303-111-2222 on the AT&T Network. You will have to find the correct SMS address for the Provider you are wishing to use. PLEASE - DO NOT CONTACT US LOOKING FOR THESE ADDRESSES! We will only be able to tell you to contact the provider directly and ask them. So - please contact your provider and ask them for the SMS address to send SMS Text Messages via Email.

We have included a link to a Provider Address listing below for your convenience. Again, this is not maintained by SS-CMMS so do not contact us with questions!

Once you get the Phone Number and the Providers SMS Address all you have to do is enter the address into the Email field on the Add/Edit Users page. Remember to use the format "PhoneNumber@ProviderSMSAddress".

Link to Providers SMS Addresses from Martin Fitzpatrick MRES