SS-CMMS - Work Orders Screen

The work order screen allows you to quickly see what work orders you have open, priorities and types.

  • Click the "work orders" tab in the Menu bar.
  • You will get a table with the following information
    Priority, Description, Assignee, Equipment, Created Date, Status, Type, Complete/QuickComplete/Cancel/Edit Options.
  • The table is sorted according to settings in the "Configuration" page. You may change these by going there.
  • To View or Edit a work order simply click the "WO# - Discrepancy" box for the WO you wish to work with.
  • You can then click Complete, "Quick Complete" or "Cancel" to perform tasks on any line.
    • Cmp - Complete WO. Will take you to a screen where you can put hours, parts, notes etc. and close the WO.
    • Qcmp - Quick Complete. Will immediately close the WO and decrement any parts (if PM).
    • Cnx - Cancel WO. Will Cancel the WO but leaves it in the database. You can view it or change status again later.

Pretty simple. A nice little snapshot of what you have to do!