SS-CMMS - Open Workorders Through Email

This option will allow you and your co-workers to open Workorders in SS-CMMS by sending an Email to a individual specific address set up just for you.

Users only have to send a message to this Email address with a description of the Workorder. The workorder will automatically be entered into your SS-CMMS database and show up immediatly in your Active Workorder listing. There are some limitations to this system:

  • Whatever the sender types in the body of the Email will be placed in the Discrepency portion of the SS-CMMS Workorder.
  • All Email generated workorders will be sent to "All" in the Assign To field.
  • Priority will be set to "1 - Urgent" and Type will be set to "Corrective".
  • The Notes field will be set to mark that this is an Email WO generation. It will also contain the Subject line of the Email.
  • The Reported By field will contain the return address of the person who sent the Email.

Reply Emails will be sent to the sender informing them of a successful or failed Workorder generation.

To start generating Workorders and to receive your individual Email address click "Open WO by Email" in your SS-CMMS Main Menu.
You will then have the opportunity to request an Email address be assigned to you.
After you receive your individual Email address you can start using this feature immediatly.

By requesting this feature you agree to not abuse this Email address or use it for any other purposes whatsoever. You wil never be able to access this Email inbox to retrieve messages. It's ONLY purpose is to create WO's in the SS-CMMS system.

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