SS-CMMS - Premium File Storage Addon

File Storage is a Premium Addon to the core SS-CMMS sytem. It is a paid subscription update. To get to the File Manager Page, click "Premium File Manager" under the "Admin" tab

If you have already subscribed you will be immediatly taken to the File Manager page. If you are not subscribed, you will be taken to the Premium Addon Subscription page where you can purchase File Storage

In the File Manager page you can upload Files, Delete Files or Edit File Information.
You cannot modify or change the file or filename itself. The only way to update a file is to Delete it then Upload it.

To upload a file, simply click "Choose File" and browse to the File you wish to upload.
You may then enter any information you wish along with the file or just click Upload File (all info is optional).

Your file will be uploaded and appear in the Files table below. Here you can select files to delete or edit.
If you click the "Sel" column lable this will toggle check all/check none. You can sort by columns by clicking on the column headers.

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