SS-CMMS - How to Add Parts

Enter your parts to track inventory, spendatures and more:

  • Click the "Parts" tab on the menu then click "Add New".
  • Fill in the information on the form No entries are mandatory. Fill in as much or as little as you like.
  • Part Name must be unique. SS-CMMS will notify you if you try to use a name already in your database.
  • Cost per Unit/Parts per Unit - "Cost per Unit" is how much you spend to re-order this part. The "Parts per Unit" is how many of these parts you order at one time. For instance, if you order filters in boxes of 12 for $57.00 your "Cost per Unit" would be $57.00 and your "Parts per Unit" would be 12.
  • URL is where you can put the URL of the part if you normally order it online such as from McMaster Carr or Granger. Be sure to include the "https://".
  • Quantity on Hand/Notify When Quantity At - "Quantity on Hand" is the current quantity of the part you have on hand. This is "each" part, not cases etc. "Notify When Quantity At" is where you will be notified when stock reaches or falls below this level. Set this number to -1 to stop notifications for this part.

That's it! Enter as many parts as you wish.

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