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      SS-CMMS - Release Notes


Release Date:


  • Added Due Date in Open Workorder page.
  • Added clickable link to the PM Calendar. Click a PM item and it will take you to Edit PM.
  • Added the ability to choose your date format. US m/d/y or UK d-m-y.
  • Added user drop-down selection for Editing PM's.
  • Added Upcoming PM Calendar. Shows all upcoming PM's. Will NOT show active or past PM's. Requires Time Zone set.
  • Added check for Time Zone upon login. If no you will re-direct to configuration page.
  • Added Time Zone to Configuration (Required).
  • Added part information/costs to Print Friendly Page after WO Completion.
  • Added Donate link to Contact/Info tab.
  • Fixed PM reporting not showing Equipment or Last and Next dates.
  • When using "UK d-m-y" date format, if editing WO's or PM's date will toggle Day and Year every time you submit a change. also, PM Calendar dates are not showing properly.
  • Very rarily certain browsers errored out when loggin in. Found and fixed the little critter causing this.
  • Fixed Create PM issue where system required a Frequency for Metered PM's.
  • Fixed issue where user was being allowed to add a user with an already existing Email address.
  • When PM's were auto generated, Last date in the PM was not updating.
  • If when editing PM's you changed the Start Date, due date would not change. Could not change Last and Next dates.
  • Fixed problem where the View Canceled work orders menu item would only show open workorders.
  • When editing Work Orders, changed "Edit Workorder" button to read "Save Changes" for more clarity.
  • Mac users using Safari browsers are unable to upload .CSV files. Google Chrome with Mac works OK.
  • Fixed issues in uploading equipment .CSV files (fixed in 3.00 as well).
Known Issues:
  • When using US date format (m/d/y) and creating or editing a workorder, system will default to due date 12/31/1969. If a true value is entered it will work correctly. Fixed in Beta 3.02.
Programmer Notes:
  • Special thanks to SS-CMMS user Diana for all the fantastic help in nailing down the Mac issues!