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      SS-CMMS - Release Notes

V 3.04

Release Date:


  • Added link to TOS/Privacy page to "Contact/Info" tab.
  • Added Priority field to PM pages.
  • Added "Clear Form" and "Back to Active Workorders" buttons on the Create New Workorder finish page.
  • Added "Search Active" in the Workorders Menu Tab.
  • Added the ability to enter current Meter readings in all workorder pages (Create, Edit & Complete).
  • Added "Status" field to available sort orders for Active Workorders in the Configuration page.
  • Added "Status" field to Equipment listing.
  • Fixed bad Completed date when editing workorders, could not clear out.
  • Fixed issue where non-admin users could not correctly view Workorders in Edit.
  • Fixed all Workorder searches to properly search Equipment and Location fields.
  • Cleaned up page after creating a new workorder to more clearly show that the workorder has been created.
Known Issues:
Programmer Notes:
    Special Thanks to subscribers Rick, Wayne, Dave and Jeff for all their help in bug crushing during this version.