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      SS-CMMS - Release Notes


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  • In an effort to better meet many record keeping standards, you will no longer be able to edit the Created Date of a Work Order. This date is timestamped with the actual date and time the WO was actually created in the system. If for some reason Created date needs to be chaned, you should annotate it in the Notes or Action Section.
  • In Configuration is now a field for a "Work Order Note". If filled in, this note will be placed on all newly created WOs and PM WOs.
  • Added Timestamp to Created and Completed dates in WO edit page.
  • Added Type filtering in Batch WO Processing.
  • Started work on new Mobile pages. Much clearer and concise data for phones.
  • When searching Open Work Orders by WO Number would show all (Closed, Canceled) WOs.
  • Install and De-Install were not available when doing Work Order reporting.
  • More fixes on the "Create PM by Frequency + Completed" and "Create PM by Frequency + Generated"
  • Batch Action processing was not allowing for special characters.
Programmer Notes: