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      SS-CMMS - Release Notes


Release Date:


  • Added Multi-Currency Donation page.
  • Added the ability to delete ALL Cancelled WO's. On the View Cancelled WO (Workorders) page.
  • Added the ability to delete ALL Equipment from the Equipment View menu.
  • Added Part Number to pull down menu for Parts when creating PM's.
  • Added very basic budgeting to the system. Set your budget info in "My Admin". Part prices will be deducted upon WO completion.
  • When someone sends you a WO via Email, you will now receive an Email notification.
  • Added Category field to Equipment listings.
  • Added the ability to immediately create a PM Workorder from the PM View Menu.
  • In Users page added fields to enter/edit all user information. Sends Email to user after changes made.
  • In Open WO listing, change font for Priority to bold for better visibility.
  • Added Invoice # field to WO's for third party WO or Invoice numbers. Also added field to search.
  • Added "Not Assigned" to the Parts Equipment field.
  • Added Inventory Check to the Parts Reporting page.
  • Added Stop entry to PM page. If entered, PM's will not generate after this date.
  • Added Supplier page. This page is a quick view of all suppliers included in your Parts listings. View only.
  • Added shading to every other line in Workorders, PM, Equipment, Locations and Parts listings for easier navigating.
  • When adding new users, login credentials will now be emailed to the new user automatically.
  • Changed Workorders so that "Dispatch" users cannot cancel WO's.
  • Workorders generated by PM's were not sending Email Notifications, fixed.
  • Fixed problem where if you changed a Pending WO to Active, did now show on Print Friendly Page.
  • Fixed problem where no part information was showing on Print Friendly Page in WO's.
  • Changed Create New WO Priority default to "Normal".
  • In View Pending WO's, changed option Cancel to Edit.
  • Fixed some errors in the Upload Equipment .CSV Files routines and added the Category field.
  • Fixed Add/Edit User page to remove Email entry as User Name is the Email.
  • Misc. parts in WO's was not adding correctly.
  • Changed WO Reporting so that the Action line is on it's own line under all the other fields. This should improve readability.
  • Fixed problem in My Account where you couldn't use special characters in your company name.
  • When viewing Completed WO's, system was showing Start date not Completed date. Now shows Completed date.
  • When creating PM's you may now use special characters (' etc) in the description, equipment and note fields.
  • Changed "Active" to "Open" in Workorders tab.
Known Issues: