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      SS-CMMS - Release Notes

V 7.00

Release Date:


  • Added Manpower Scheduling/Calendar functionality (Admin/Manpower).
  • When searching equipment, if had a dash (-) in the search query, the search would fail. Fixed in 6.04/6.05.
  • Got rid of the 2nd login screen. Now when you login you are taken directly to the dashboard.
  • STOP date in PM was causing PM not to be generated at all. Fixed in v6.04/6.05.
Known Issues:
Programmer Notes:
  • This version is dedicated to bug/fixes and tweaks of the current Release v6.04. I want to get caught up on all bugs/fixes and let the system "cook" for a little while. This may actually close out the v6.X series and start v7.x with the new look, dash and fixes. Many fixes will be made directly to the Released ver.
    We are still taking requests as always, and you will see any new requeses in the Bug/Feat Listing under Support.